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Spring Treasure Ball in Geneva: A beautiful fundraising event

Meet with Goncalo Felicio, Event Committee, Treasure

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About Treasure

Treasure is a Swiss based Non-Profit Organization based in Geneva. Its aim is to promote and support children’s primary education and health in developing countries and in regions affected by war, natural disasters and diseases.

All members work as volunteers and the charity is something we do outside of our normal lives and careers. The organization has no salaries, or fees to pay to its members, so every cent raised goes directly to help children’s primary education.

It is of utmost importance to give today’s children a chance to get a good basic education. We do not want to change their family lives nor their social surroundings, but give them a chance, and the equal rights to education and opportunity to live peacefully and respectfully in this world.


Company Support

MSM Investment Advisors S.A is a multi-family office platform founded in Geneva in 2010 dedicated to providing global families with a highly personalized, responsive and tailored investment advisory service.

Our goal is to ensure these global families have the strategic frame-work and platform to manage their wealth for the next generation rather than the next financial review.

MSM believes that recent events that shook the financial services industry coupled with increasingly challenging and intrusive regulatory changes requires wealthy families to fundamentally change their approach to managing their wealth.

Rue de la Rôtisserie 11

CH- 1204 Geneva

Tel: +4122 817 3700

Fax: +4122 817 3701

Member of Association Romande des Intermediaries Financiers



IPG by Treasure

IPG was first started and founded in 2006. The idea started as they wanted to allow young professional Asians - Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, etc., to meet and network in a growing community in Geneva, which was not easily accessible to new comers.

In 2009, Treasure took over this group, keeping the same members and same concept, but by expanding it to not only Asians but also to everyone who like the Indian Sub Continent, who have professional or friendly interests in it, who want to meet Asians and network. This also allows Asians in Geneva to be more integrated in a very international and multicultural city.

These meetings are very friendly and many contacts are built. IPG is organized every first Wednesday of the month, at 7.30pm onwards and venues change.

Join the group or send us an        e-mail on and we will be happy to see u next IPG!


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Children of Pomgaon’s drawings

Vishan, “Pomgaon”

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