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Republic Day in Pomgaon school: Medical camp + electricity

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Treasure is a non-profit organization, based in Switzerland. It's aim is to promote and support children's primary education and health in developing countries and in regions affected by war, natural disasters and diseases.

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From: Krithika Nanjappa

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action."


(Herbert Spencer)


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in E N G L I S H

Elementary Education in India

Education is important not only for the full development of one's personality, but also for the sustained growth of the nation.

Elementary education in India, therefore, is the foundation on which the development of every citizen and the nation as a whole hinges. But making primary education available for all in India has also been one of the major challenges for the government. Moreover, the quality of elementary education in India has also been a major cause of worry for the government. In fact, making elementary education in India accessible, universal and relevant has been a goal since the eighth five-year plan.

Elementary education in India means eight years of schooling from the age of six. The government has made elementary education compulsory and free. But, the goal of universal elementary education in India has been very difficult to achieve till now.

Therefore it has introduced innovative ways of universalizing elementary education in India.

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en F R A N C A I S

Réaliser l’éducation primaire universelle en Inde

Pour un pays aussi vaste et diversifié que l'Inde, offrir ne serait-ce que quelques années d'éducation à tous les garçons et filles est une tâche colossale, mais elle est de celle à laquelle le gouvernement s'attelle avec l'assistance de la communauté internationale.

Mis en place au début des années 90, le programme d'enseignement primaire du district (DPEP) visait à appuyer les efforts entrepris par l'Inde pour réaliser l'éducation primaire universelle. Il est devenu le plus vaste programme d'éducation du monde, touchant 60 millions d'enfants.

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